Sample Resources for Triathlon Sports

Heart Rate Monitors and other Triathlon Must-Haves
Training is important before entering a triathlon. This website offers first-hand articles about energy, heart rate monitors, beating jet lag, hydration, swimming, and aerodynamic bike frame design. The triathlete shares personal triathlon training tips, including how to slow down, swim with pull-buoys, make sure you're rested, finding the perfect nutrition bars and choosing good triathlon training books.

Inside Triathlon Magazine
Inside Triathlon is a magazine that features all aspects of the triathlon lifestyle, including: triathlon wetsuits, injuries and conditions, planning your race season, updated news and press releases about triathlon happenings, and more. Products and triathlon gear reviews are included. A coaching center provides endurance and energy advice, while a links section includes more resources for triathletes. Race coverage is updated with triathlon race happenings.

Information for the Triathlete
A portal with everything for the triathlon athlete. Includes features about aerobic threshold, comfortable cycling, training and more. This website features a comprehensive guide to triathlon gear and reviews of everything from triathlon bikes, heart-rate monitors, running shoes, wheelsets, triathlon wetsuits, triathlon clothing, aerobars, triathlon apparel, nutrition, books and videos and accessories for swimmers, bikers and runners. Triathlon training articles and programs are also featured, and users can also find a triathlon coach or local club to join. A gear guide for shopping, as well as an updated blog keeps triathlon athletes at the head of their game.

The Power of Electrolyte Drinks
This article provides practical and insightful information about dehydration and performance. According to the article, there are many athletes who dehydrate during competitive events, especially long ones, even when it's not really that hot outside. The article suggests that athletes and triathletes can't rely on feeling thirsty as a reminder to replace fluid lost through sweating - one of nature's dirty tricks is that exercise suppresses thirst. Dehydration impairs both physical and mental performance in all types and levels of sport, yet it can be avoided (or at least minimized) by appropriate drinking strategies. It gives some background into the physiological factors of dehydration during triathlon events and offers practical tips to help readers prepare a hydration plan.

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