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20 Ideas for Small Home Offices
This introduction of this post by Sherry Nothingam at explains the difference between home offices and cubicles used in real offices. The entire page contains twenty photos of different designs of small home offices. Each photo has a short description, along with the name of the source. Among the locations of the offices inside the house include beneath the stairs, bedroom for teenagers, laundry room, and behind the couch. The small home offices are organized properly, with a touch of various colors and artistry. The architects responsible for the design were able to maximize the space available, and make them neat and attractive.

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28 Great Real-Life Home Offices
This feature on Houzz of real-life home offices prove that any room can be turned into an inspiring decorative gem of a home office. Houzz readers were aked to show their workspace, sutdio or office, and they responded with home office decor ideas for every type of workspace. One office is tucked inside an armoire. In another, after moving to a former dairy farm, a reader transformed the old milk house into the back into a vintage-style office space. In another that looks very modern and impressive, the wall of bookshelves and the desk are all from IKEA. One eco-friendly office space has custom-designed windows so the upper windows have maximum insulation and heat reflection, and the lower windows are designed to allow heat in during the winter when the sun is lower on the horizon; the solid bamboo floos were installed on a hydroponic heat subfloor. You can't help but get some useful ideas here for your own workspace.

Home Office Planning Guide
This is an article written by Jennifer Noonan at, the official website of famous American home improvement TV show host Bob Vila. Here, Ms. Noonan explains first the three important steps in creating a home office Identifying the needs, choosing the space, and placing the office equipment and furniture. She also provided some tips on how to choose the appropriate office desk and chairs, and lightings as well. Jennifer relates the importance of using the latest computer model and software. On the last part, the female blogger emphasized that organizing everything is still the main key to have an efficient home office.

11 Easy Steps to How to Have an Organized Home Office
This article at features 11 steps on how to organize a home office. The first step is how to find a space in the house that can be ideal for office use. The second step recommends making sure that tables and chairs are comfortable to use. The third step is how to remove clutter and placing items that can inspire the user. The fourth and fifth steps are about cables and wires, and consideration when deciding to go wireless. The sixth step discusses having adequate lightings. The rest of the steps are tips on how to sort and organize everything.

Starting a Home Office
Starting a business of your own that you'll run out of your own home is a risky venture. Before you burn any bridges with your current boss, this article has several suggestions for ways to help insure that your new venture stands at least a 50/50 chance of success. Once you have made the decision to go it on your own you will be faced with several challenges. One of the first challenges, according to this article, is a system of organization. This might be a simple spreadsheet or it may be more complex, depending on your business model. You'll need lists of contacts, client lists, supplier lists and so forth. Next make a list of equipment that you'll need. Basic equipment includes a computer, plus a laptop or a palm device if your business requires much travel. Make sure all components work flawlessly with each other. Spend enough to get good quality, but don't go overboard; most equipment will be obsolete in two years anyway. You'll need a separate phone line for your computer and fax machine and you should consider a fast broadband Internet connection. Click on NEXT and the article continues with discussions of multi-task office equipment (scanner/printer/fax machines), and the importance of a good office chair. There are also discussions of financial management and the proper structure of your home business, how to deal with red tape, how to get the word out about your new enterprise and even a discussion on balancing home and work life.

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