Sample Resources for Senior Health (02)

Disaster Preparedness for Seniors
Nobody ever wants to prepare for a disaster, but itís smart to do so. Especially for seniors, who may have impaired response times and resources. Disasters such as tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes present challenges for older adults, their caregivers and their families. Thatís why aging adults need to have the same disaster response kit as everyone else. The University of Florida provides a link to the Red Cross website that has useful tips for compiling a disaster kit for senior citizens. Seniors will want to make sure they make an emergency information list, a medical information list, a list of doctors, a disability supply list, style and serial numbers of medical device list and emergency document list. Itís better to stay on the side of caution, no matter what age you are.

Health Topics for the Elderly
The National Institute on Aging and the National Library of Medicine present this website, which offers plenty of information on elder health. Topics include cataracts, dry mouth, fitness for seniors, colorectal cancer, depression, breast cancer, shingles, strokes, pagetís disease, lunch cancer and high blood pressure. Check out the section of exercise stories, which feature older adults featuring the exercises they like, and how you can get into a better senior fitness routine. Seniors will enjoy the fact that they can adjust the size of text on the screen and get speech help with the topics on this site.

Eating Well: Senior Style
The elderly are faced with a variety of health issues. One of them is getting proper nutrition. And eating well when they have another condition, such as diabetes. This site helps seniors get information on eating right. It also has information on incontinence, bariatrics and obesity and ulcer prevention. Combined with the right diet, exercise is also vital for better senior health.

Keeping Seniors Cool and Safe in the Summer
Summer weather is wonderful for bringing family and friends together in the warm sun. But seniors are vulnerable to heat exhaustion and other ailments. This article discusses heat-related conditions in the elderly, and discusses how to keep cool and comfortable in the summer sun. Preparation and moderation are important themes to remember if an elder plans to enjoy time outdoors during the summer months," says Carol Edelstein, vice president for Program Development at Sunrise Senior Living.

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