Sample Resources for Senior Health (01)

Living Well: Health Information for Senior Citizens
For seniors, educating themselves and their caregivers about senior conditions can help with treatment and any emergencies. This site features information on fitness and living will, preventing diseases and conditions, living with illnesses and more. Topics include senior citizen exercise plans, quitting smoking, memory exercising, preventing hypothermia, arthritis, breast cancer, hearing health tips, pneumonia, skin cancer, prostate problems, vaccinations for seniors, and skin care for seniors. Plenty of topics here to help seniors and their caregivers stay on top of the latest treatments for common conditions—better yet, learn how to prevent them!

The Scientific Skinny on Chiropractic Medicine
Revolution Health's web page on chiropractic, spinal manipulative therapy and spinal manipulation is presented in a general, but somewhat scientific format—readers can find an overview on a chiropractor's form of treatment, its history dating back to ancient Chinese medicine, and its current place in health care, with more than 60,000 licensed practitioners. Readers can learn more about standard techniques such as massage/soft tissue mobilization, mechanical traction, manipulation and alternative treatments including diathermy, electric muscle stimulation, and hydroculator packs. The page also provides general information on the safety and efficacy of chiropractic care.

Exercise and Aging Gracefully
Exercise is one of the healthiest things people can do for themselves; in fact, not exercising can be risky. This article gives information on how to set up an exercise plan as a senior citizen, and what exercise can do for the body. It offers exercise progress charts and sample exercises that elders can do, and go over with their doctor. The article says that studies show in the long term, aging adults in all age groups hurt their health far more by not exercising than by exercising. Older people should stay as physically active as they can, it states.

Elder Nutrition: Why Won’t I Eat?
As the human body ages, it requires proper nutrition as it did in younger years. But as older adults age, they have complications to eating well. Such problems include not being able to chew, experiencing upset stomach, not being able to shop, not being able to cook or prepare meals, not having enough money, not having an appetite, and more. This site gives great care tips for seniors experiencing any of these problems, and offers help to get the elderly eating better and more often. The tips here are very useful, as many seniors do not eat right. Great for caregivers and seniors who know they can use better nutrition.

Solutions for Elderly Caregivers
It's important to understand the legal and financial considerations of caring for an elderly friend or relative. As Americans live longer, many need ongoing, long-term care. Often this falls onto people who have kids of their own to take care of, who are busy with their lives. This site is about connecting people caring for elderly parents. It discusses how to care for an elder and keep your sanity if you’re a caregiver. The site has valuable information for people who want to take good care of the older adults in their lives, but don’t want to get overwhelmed in doing so. There are sections on legal issues for seniors, as well as financial issues, caregiving issues, housing information and drug information. A useful site for seniors and those who take care of them.


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