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Home Lighting and Lighting Fixtures Designer Tips from Uttermost
Uttermost is a family owned company that designs home furniture including lamps and fixture. In this Q&A article, you can read some home lighting tips from their designers. Here, the four different types of lightings were discussed. They are ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting. You will also have an idea on how to have proper light design in some parts of the house, including the living room, kitchen, bathroom, home office and hallway. There are suggestions on the mistakes to be avoided, and what to do if the room is small.

Lighting for the Home from A to Z
Better Homes & Gardens is filled with valuable information on virtually every aspect of home lighting. Articles include tips on Chandeliers, cable lighting, and ways to completely remodel a dining room and a living room with specialty lighting fixtures. The site also covers floor lamps, table lamps, original lampshade designs, tips on lighting the kitchen and the bathroom, and even an article on artistic lighting with candles. There are fascinating articles on table lamps, wall lamps, wall scones, TV lamps, even funky lamps. There are articles on lighting everything from the bedroom to the attic. There are even articles on making your own unique lamps and an entire article on lamp pulls, plus a whole lot more. This site sheds light on the entire world of home lighting options.

Top Trends in Interior Lighting Design
Lighting is a crucial part of a homeís interior design. With lighting, one can manipulate not just the appearance of a home, but its atmosphere as well. It goes without saying that the lighting design changes from one room to another, because the kind of lighting that works for one room may not work for another. Aside from tastes and preferences, lighting designs are also influenced by technology, which introduces newer and more modern light fixtures. This article features the top trends in lighting design for 2018, one of which is the warm retro style that makes use of vintage Edison-style bulbs.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas from Sunset Magazine
This article provides 20 outdoor lighting ideas, with photos. Exotic lights instantly transforms a tranquil garden into paradise. Up-lighting accentuates shapes, while backlighting or silhouetting emphasizes the form of a tree or sculptural object. Shadowing uses a spotlight in front of plants that stand against or near a tall wall, and makes short plants appear longer. Grazing takes advantage of walls that have rugged, textured surfaces. Wall washing is similar to grazing but the light source should be farther from the wall and use a frosting diffuser. Also explains down lighting, moonlighting and path lighting. Sections on hidden sources, low-voltage outdoor lighting, and more tips from the pros including low-voltage, in-door switch, corrosion and power.

Guidelines for Kitchen Lighting Design
This web page offers advice, information, and tips on contemporary kitchen lighting design. Covered in the articles are recessed lights, over-cabinet lights, under-cabinet lights, toe-kick lights, pendant lights, ceiling fixtures, and daylight. Many fixtures and bulbs are discussed: fluorescent, halogen bulbs, direct, indirect, recessed fixtures and lamps, under cabinet fixtures, and task lighting. Energy saving tips and low voltage lighting are discussed. This is a very specific web page for people looking at interior home lighting design for the kitchen.

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