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10 Clever Lighting Design Ideas
Lighting does not just serve a functional role; it also enhances the aesthetics of a home. Good lighting can make a small room look spacious, just as bad lighting can make even an adequate-sized space look cramped and crowded. Good lighting works with the other elements in a room such as the color scheme, the selection of furniture and fixtures, and the availability of natural light. This article features ten lighting ideas homeowners can follow as they renovate their homes or plan the design of their new home. Some notable tips from the article include framing the bed with LED lights, using accent lighting, layering lighting, and using recessed LED strips.

A Comprehensive Guide on Bedroom Lighting on
Ideally, bedrooms should be dark. But for some people, they prefer to have more lights in it. If you’re one of them, this comprehensive guide provide by the American Lighting Association on is a great help. First, directed lighting is needed if you will read, sew, or use a computer inside your bedroom. It is recommended to have shorter or flush-mounted fixtures instead of those with longer bodies. However, you should never install lights directly over the bed because you are likely to look at once you lay on your bed. On the latter part, there is a short checklist to make sure your bedroom will have proper lighting.

Lighting Design Guide
Good lighting does wonders for the interior of a home. In order to have a seamlessly designed interior, you need to have a plan not just for the fixtures of your home, but a lighting scheme as well. However, planning a lighting scheme is not as easy as buying lights and installing them. It involves careful thought and consideration. The first thing you have to consider is natural lighting. How much of it do you have? How much natural lighting do you want in your kitchen or living area? Once you have decided on natural lighting, then it is time to come up with the lighting scheme. This article offers tips on how to plan a lighting scheme for your home.

All About Landscape Lighting
This web page on This Old House features an article, a slideshow and several illustrations to show you how to create beautiful landscape lighting design for the exterior of the home. Topics covered include garden lighting, flood lighting, tree lighting, pools and ponds, and lighting for deck and patio. Different types of lamps and fixtures are discussed, along with safety, security, and specific exterior lighting design topics like step lighting, spot lighting, path lighting, shadowing, underwater lighting, and up-lighting. A very thorough article for people interested in do it yourself lighting design for the exterior.

Make Your Bathroom Beautiful With a Mixture of Well-Chosen Lights
Bathrooms are often the darkest part of the house. Brighten your up with a mixture of carefully-selected lights. They will ot only add beauty to your home, but they can also enhance your home's resale value. According to this site, lighting experts agree that a proper mix of pleasing bathroom lights not only enhances the bathroom itself, but affects how a person view himself or herself. Bathrooms are no longer simply functional, but now represent a haven within the home and the proper lighting can help a person feel relaxed and comfortable within that home. Because the bathroom has so many complex surfaces, it requires a great deal of thought and planning for proper lighting. One way to do this is to match the finish of the plumbing fixtures with the finsh of the lighting fixtures in order to tie everything in together. Different types and styles of lighting are disci=ussed, everything from fiber optics to reading lights over the toilet. Bathroom is an often over-looked and inexpensive way to brighten up an entire home and at the same time add intrinsic value to a house.

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