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Landscape Lighting Tips
Designing a lighting scheme is not limited to the inside of a home. One also has to take into consideration lighting the exterior spaces of the home. This article from Better Homes and Gardens provides tips on how one can plan and execute an outdoor landscape lighting scheme. In the article, one can read about the basics of lighting the outdoors, explaining the difference between the types of lighting and their functions. The article also touches on outdoor lighting issues and lists spots that must be illuminated such as paths, entries, steps, patios, gazebos, architectural features, and the driveway.

12 Bathroom Lighting Ideas
Bathroom lighting can illuminate dark spaces or provide a subtle, calming sparkle, according to this illustrated slideshow article in Better Homes & Gardens, which showcases a collection of ideas to inspire the lighting design of your own bathroom. Some of the ideas include: crystal sconces or a crystal chandelier to add glamour and sparkle to traditional decor; antique sconces above an oversized mirror to add unexpected flair to the light and bright bathroom; a blown-glass light fixture in a contemporary-style bathroom to add a touch of playfulness to a cold, hard-edged space; candlestick wall sconces, ornate details and custom-glazed cabinets for a country French style, and streamlined tube lights to enhance a sleek bath vanity while providing soft light.

Bedroom Lighting
Choosing the right lighting for your bedroom is discussed in this article, which talks about the arrangement of furniture and combining it with good lighting for a nice look. Types and styles of lighting depend on bedroom occupants. Couples need individually controlled reading lights on each side of the bed. Children demand extra light for homework areas. The baby's nursery requires an installed dimmer or subdued lamp that allows parents to check on their cherub without waking him up. A senior citizen's bedroom has special lighting needs as well. Even in homes with contemporary baths and kitchens, bedroom trends tend toward the traditional. For warmth, look for bronze, brass and antique brass fixtures. Darker finishes and colors also predominate. Cream, textured white and brushed nickel offer a lighter bedside option. The article also suggests that people consider a pre-construction bedroom lighting plan. To update an existing bedroom, replace a flush-mount ceiling fixture with a newer design or a ceiling fan. Change or add portable or table lamps for a quick, inexpensive face lift. Uplighting from the floor to highlight a plant or potted tree adds interest, as does directional lighting.

Lighting Tips for Every Room by
Different rooms in the house may require different kinds of lighting, so find out what type of fixtures will work best throughout your home. For the kitchen, lighting depends on the activities. If it will be used for dining, it requires more ambient light. For the living room, it should be a mixture of ambient, accent and task lighting. For the bathroom, positioning two wall lights on both sides of the mirror is very important. If you will place it directly overhead and above the mirror, it will cast a shadow on your face which will give difficulties if you are applying makeup.

Lighting News and Articles from Louie Lighting
Here are some examples: Lighting for living spaces such as living rooms, dens and bedrooms can actually be more difficult to design than lighting for task areas such as kitchens and home offices. The lighting must be flexible for the many and varied activities in these rooms. These elements are usually at the perimeter of the room, on or adjacent to the wall. Accent lighting is best accomplished with spotlights (low voltage halogen is a good energy-efficient choice), or wall washing (large lamp fluorescent strips are good for even lighting of large areas). Track or recessed lighting are good choices for spotlighting individual pieces of artwork or points of great interest. Bookshelves, very large wall art (quilts, murals, etc.) or collections (groups of small objects with equal import) are best lit with wall washers. These can take the form of recessed cans or track, but a better choice may be to use architectural fixtures. A luminous soffit or a valance can be built to hold fluorescent strips to provide uniform wall lighting. Don't forget to light 'floating' furniture like coffee tables, as these provide a nice focal point for seating areas. Site also features information on ceiling fans, seasonal affective disorder and track lighting.

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