Sample Resources for Children's Health (02)

Healthy Eating for Kids on EatingWell
EatingWell is a magazine dedicated to publishing science-based nutrition articles and high-quality and delicious recipes. Healthy Eating for Kids, an offshoot of the EatingWell website, provides parents, guardians, and teachers a wealth of information about raising kids to become healthy through nutritious meals and nutrition advice from many nutrition experts. The articles featured in the page include healthy ideas for picky eaters, kid-friendly dinners, and other things parents need to know about child nutrition. There is also a section dedicated to videos that show how yummy and nutritious meals and snacks are made.

Taking Care of Your Child’s Teeth
Dental hygiene should start before your child gets his or her first tooth. You can wipe the baby’s gums with a soft damp cloth after feedings helps to prevent the buildup of bacteria. When teeth appear, you can use a soft children's toothbrush twice a day. It also discusses how to care for kids’ teeth when they are preschoolers, which includes using fluoride toothpaste and only a pea-sized amount. The use of fluoride tablets is also discussed, as is your child’s potential to get cavities.

Serving Nutrition to Kids on a Budget Challenging to School Cafeteria Staff
When it comes to children and nutrition, cafeteria managers try to offer healthy choices, but kids may not always like what they are being offered at the lunchroom table. This blog post points out that getting to children when they are in primary grades is key to their wanting to continue eating well as they move into middle and high school. Find out how a school cafeteria in Saint Paul, Minnesota, has responded to the challenge of trying to offer nutritious school cafeteria meals on a limited budget.

Puppy Training Tips for a Kid-Friendly Dog
The site has easy and effective tips to train puppies and older dogs to behave in a safe and amicable manner around kids. Childproofing pets is not an easy game, but the site offers a few offbeat pointers, such as miming kids' behavior around dogs, to ultimately render it effective. Other posts cover topics like preventing unnecessary rivalry from brewing between your dogs and infants as they vie for your attention, preventing destructive tendencies in dogs that sprout from bouts of boredom. The healthy approaches and positive reinforcement methods advocated in the site, assure that pet dogs and toddlers are in good shape.

Kids and Anger: How to Deal
Dealing with an angry child can be difficult for parents because it makes you exhausted and aggravated. Dealing with your child's anger includes first finding out what they feel. Ask them what's happened, what went wrong, or why they are feeling what they feel. They may be able to tell you very clearly, or they may not. But then you can try some of the tips here to help your child understand his or her feelings, and express them in a healthy and safe way.

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