Sample Resources for Home Improvement

Do It Yourself Network - Home Improvement
This is a very thorough site that includes how-to information on a wide variety of home improvement topics. Instructional topics include doors, electrical systems, fences, exteriors, kitchens, lighting, plumbing and painting. Also includes simple "kits" that take you through short projects with step-by-step instructions. Theme projects are featured as well, like "home sports center" and "urban kitchen."

Do-It-Yourself Auto Body Repair
Check out the site for good quality information about how to look after auto body repair on your own turf. Visitors to the site will find a series of informative articles on numerous topics, including fixing a hole in a car door, repairing car bumpers and instructions for using a suction cup dent puller. Articles dealing with auto body repair equipment, removing dents with dry ice, where to buy tools for this purpose and more are provided here. For first-rate body repair Los Angeles, visit Westwood Auto Body on the west side of Los Angeles.

The Fireplace Corner: Outdoor Fireplace Information About Masonry
Check out the Fireplace Corner outdoor fireplace masonry blog post to read a detailed description of how choosing this style can bring a sense of warmth and style to a living space. It also discusses the types of materials used to construct this style of fireplace and hearth. Find out why choosing a non-wood burning fireplace is a cleaner and lower maintenance choice.

Build Your Own Outdoor Patio Fire Pit
You can build your own outdoor patio fire pit, and this informative site gives you the information you need to create a dramatic addition to your back yard. From contacting you local building department to measuring the area for the fire pit, homeowners can find out the way to use gravel and concrete to create the perfect fire pit. Manhole blocks and brick capstones complete the project and give it a professional look. Once the outdoor patio fire pit has cured, it's ready for friends and family to enjoy.

For the United States and Canada, is the online resource for historic preservation, building restoration, and cultural resourcemanagement. It provides links to the best industry Web sites and historical product and service providers are provided along with listings of historical societies, associations and government agencies. Features of the site include for-sale home plans of various traditional style homes, postings of historic homes, a video library, historic photo galleries, a preservation bookstores, a FAQs section, and much more. Articles include stories of successful historical home rescues and tips for restoring old homes. Visitors are encouraged to submit their own historic home preservation stories for posting.

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