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Smokey's Gardens Blog
Smokey’s Gardens is one of the largest growers of the daylily, a perennial flowering plant, in the United States. They provide their customers with daylily plants, seeds, seedlings, collections, and specialty lots. This blog discusses everything about the daylily – its numerous varieties, its growth and upkeep, the diseases and pests that affect it, its foliage habits, and ways to hybridize daylilies, among others. The blog also features entries about landscaping, tips on flower gardening, different garden trends, designing gardens, and more. Through the blog, one can also read news about Smokey’s Gardens and view seedling pictures from the blog’s photo gallery category.

Gardening Tips and Timesavers
This unique sites claims that you may find some never-before-seen gardening tips here. With that claim, it's worth checking out! The helpful gardening tips are provided by gardeners from all over the world. Submit your own if you like! The tips include advice on everything from fencing boards to what to do if you run out of plant labels. Read through these original garden tips and you are sure to find some advice that you hadn't thought of before. When you are done, you can check out other household tips.

Hydroponics Forum
This is a forum where you can post questions relating to hydroponics and get answers from other hydroponic gardeners. Good hydroponic gardening tips are also available. Topics include, drip timing, nutrient problems, curly tomato leaves, indoor micro-green production, algae control, ozone generators, growing plants, hydroponic lamps and water temperatures.

Consider Water Fountains and Arbors for Your Outdoor Hardscaping
Keith Davitt's book, Hardscaping: How to Use Structures, Pathways, Patios & Ornaments in Your Garden, shows you how to take your garden to the next level by moving beyond simply planting a few flowers and shrubs to incorporating some other objects in your outdoor space. Discover how to add interest to your garden by adding a bird bath, a water fountain, or an arbor to your existing design. The result will be a balanced, harmonious space that you will be pleased to have your friends and relatives coming over to spend time in.

Gardening and Plant Guides
The Garden Helper is an online showcase of gardening and plant guides for the beginner or the veteran gardener. The website was created "to help budding gardeners discover the joys of gardening by explaining the right way to grow plants and flowers, trees and shrubs in easy to understand language." Check out the gardening guides, plant guides, plants for specific needs and house plants guides. The gardening calendar will help plan what to plant year round.

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