Sample Resources for Healthy Food & Drink

Insights on Fruits and Vegetables
This site on fruits and vegetables is by the Produce for Better Health Foundawtion. Not surprisingly, it argues the case with vast amounts evidence for the importance of fruits and vegetables—that eating at least five and as many as ten servings each day can help protect against major diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. The real kicker is that more is better when it comes to eating a variety of colorful produce. The rest of the site has nutritional information for educators and consumers. There are healthy vegetable recipes as well as a section for healthy events and programs.

The International Noni Communication Council Homepage
The mission of the INCC is to educate the public about the history and benefits of the morinda citrifolia, or noni plant. The INCC provides an opportunity for doctors, scientists, and consumers to publish their research and personal testimonials, giving veracity to noni's remarkable health claims to heal ailments from diabetes and cuts to urinary tract infections and even cancer. Included is important information about the history of the INCC, as well as the latest research and noni juice industry information. If you're looking for a professional stance on the noni plant, morinda citrifolia, this is the place to go to learn all about noni products.

Eating to Lose Weight and Stay Healthier
This is a reprint from an article that was in Shape magazine. It says that transforming your eating habits can be done and help people experience a refreshing vitality. The plan is simple: You'll transition from eating the typical American meat-heavy, sugar-laden, low-fiber fare to consuming a nutrient-rich, naturally delicious, plant-based diet. Read on to learn more about this eating plan, which will also help you lose weight. It offers healthy meal options and describes why they work best to keep people healthier. For healthy meals in the privacy of your home, see Flourish Food to thrive in Aspen.

History of Noni Juice
Noni juice is good for you, and this web site supports the use of noni juice for better health. A history of noni juice is included, as is photographs of the noni plant and noni juice, as well as information about noni juice dosages and information about buying noni juice online. If you're interested in learning about noni juice, this web site gives a good overview about noni information and its uses.

Guidelines for Healthy Eating Education Materials
Here are some free links for parents and educators to help educate people of all ages about better health and healthy eating. They include the annual Dietary Guidelines for Americans, building better bones with Diary Foods, the role of dairy in a woman's diet, helping kids build strong bones and bodies, 3-a-day of diary for healthier bones and more. Also included is a dairy tracker, mealtime makeover and other related informational tools and calculators.

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