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Decorating With Oriental Rugs
According to this site, the easiest and affordable way to add pattern, color and texture to your home is via traidtional-style Oriental rugs. This feature on the Australia stie seeks to give you all the information your know about these rugs from the east and decorating your home with area rugs. How do you go about buying an area rug that's right for your space and right for your sense of style? This site offers 8 expellent tips for purchasing area rugs. First, measure the space that needs to be covered and do not purchase an area rug, no matter how wonderful the rug might be, that does not cover the space needed. Know whether your area rug will be in a high-traffic or low-traffic area and keep in mind the kind and amount of light that your rug will receive. Examine the rug for imperfections before buying it. Bear in mind that certain small imperfections are a trademark of a weaver and are not necessarily bad. Look for tight, even knotting on the back of the rug and look for a soft pile on the face of the rug. Buying from a liquidation sale or an auction may not be a good idea since you may not be able to return the rug if it turns out not to be what you needed. Area rugs should not be placed in direct sunlight (color fading) or in damp places which invite mildew. There is a great deal of additional information and helpful ideas for purchasing and caring for a wide variety of area rugs.

How to Fix Ripped or Torn Carpet, the publisher whose motto is Making Everything Easier, provides a 9-slide presentation with photos and copy on how to fix ripped or torn carpet. The tools you'll need are heat-activated carpet tape, seam iron and utility knife. Use the knife to life the edge of the seam or rip, and maybe lengthen it. Remove the old carpet tape from both side of the seam or rip. Know cut a strip of heat-activated tape long enough to fill the entire lifted edge. Lay the heat-activated tape into the seam, shoving it under both edges of the seam and fasten both edged to the seam. Slide the seam iron into the seam to heat the first section of tape. Do one 8-inch section at a time, pressing the edges of the seam down into the heated tape for about 30 seconds, and then move till you reach the end of the seam, then remove the iron. Now press down firmly on the seam edges to make sure they stick to the tape. And you're done.

Do-it-yourself Carpets and Rugs
The section on carpets and rugs on offers a lot of useful information. Several articles cover carpet installation: general installations instructions, how to install it on stairs, installing carpet tile, and how to recognize carpet installation scams. Perhaps the most useful information will be all the articles on cleaning rugs and carpets. There's cleaning tips for wool rugs, how to make your own rug cleaning solution, silk rug cleaning do's and doníts, jute rug cleaning instructions, how to clear a sisal rug, how to clean a chenille braided rug, how to remove stains from a braided jute rug, tips on the durability and cleaning of wool versus cotton rugs, removing staining from Persian wool rugs and cleaning the fringe on Persian rugs. You'll find information on which carpet cleaning equipment works best, and who you don't need carpet cleaning machines, and the best carpet cleaning methods you don't even know about. You'll learn about carpet cleaner shampoo alternatives. Several articles are devoted to oriental rugs: how to remove pet hair and stains from them, general cleaning instructions, will furniture damage an oriental rug, is a rug pad necessary, how to keep a runner from slipping, and how to replace the fringe.

Tips, Trends & Care by Shaw Floors

This section of the website of Shaw Floors, one of the largest and most popular flooring manufacturers, provides information of use to consumers for choosing the right type of flooring, in terms of function and design, installing it, and keeping it well maintained and looking beautiful over the long haul. An article titled A Woman's Guide to Flooring provides shopping tips and design advice. Articles are provided on trends, on design, on color, decorating, and flooring from the perspective of enhancing home value. There are also articles on specific flooring types, such as carpeting and how to take care of it; about the shade and texture variations and grout options of ceramic; about the moldings, installation construction and care of natural hardwood; about construction and installation of quality laminate; and tips for taking care of area rugs.

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