Sample Resources for Building Your Home (02)

Visit Renovation 101's Virtual Classroom to Learn About Home Remodeling
If you need good advice about tackling renovation projects, you need to visit Renovation 101. Whether you are acting as your own contractor or are interested in hiring one, you will find helpful information on such topics as bathrooms, heating, air conditioning, brick work, kitchens, demolition, and landscaping. Other topics covered here include tile, roofing, painting, and plumbing.

How to Choose the Right Roofing Company in California
When a homeowner is looking for a roofing company, it helps to approach the process in a logical manner. Find out what information to ask the company owner before choosing someone to provide this valuable service. This informative site also includes a list of things to watch out for that mean the homeowner should walk away. The information posted here applies to a roofing company operating in California, but the general information presented will benefit customers in other jurisdictions.

Get Plans for a Mobile Barbeque, Barbeque Pit, and More
When you want to beautify your outdoor living space, look to this web site to provide you with the plans you need. Find out how to build a portable BBQ trolley, BBQ cart, or a covered BBQ pit here. You will also discover how to use mortar-less concrete block to build your own barbeque.

Learn How the Construction Loan Process Works Before You Apply for Financing
When you decide to build your own home, you need to understand the financing process in order top make your dream a reality. Check out the Build Your Own Home Guide to help you get (and stay) on the right track. Start off by learning about how construction loans work, how your down payment and sweat equity figures into the financial mix, why you may need to arrange for mechanic's lien coverage, title insurance, hazard insurance, and flood insurance. A list of documents you will need to produce when arranging construction financing has also been provided.

Table Saw Outfeed Plans for Folding and Mobile Workbenches Make Projects Easier
When you are working on a construction project at home, you don't want to have to wait for your spouse or one of your children to be available to help you with long boards. This site includes 15 table saw outfeed plans for use with mobile workbenches and folding workbenches. Also included here are outfeed stand plans and outfeed table videos. is Your Source for the Latest Information About the Building Industry
When you need to know the latest news in the home building industry, visit This one-stop site provides visitors with breaking news and news articles grouped into categories such as Construction, Business Management, Sales and Marketing, Opinions, and Design and Architecture. The Resources and Events section gives you access to information about building codes, a list of associations, a glossary of terms, and information about upcoming conferences and events.

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