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Bathroom Lighting Product Ideas
Here's a do-it-yourself guide with bathroom lighting ideas from Bathroom Lighting Outlet. It shows photographs of different types of lighting product with long descriptive copy on their use and various attributes. Learn the effects of different lighting, make your bathroom lighting better, illuminate your shower area for safety and ease, find the best lighting for your mirror, install lighting in your guest bathroom or make your bathroom lighting more flattering. Tips include replacing cool white lamps with quality fluorescent lamps, create ambient and focal lighting, looking for lamps with a good color rendering index, installing a ceiling light over the bath tub, use lower wattage lighting, cleaning fixtures and lamps, installing dimmer lights and installing light switches.

How To Decorate A Bathroom On A Tight Budget
Nothing can be simpler than decorating a new new bathroom, unless a tight budget is involved. This is when you need to be resourceful and use imagination. Step one is establishing what the real bdget is. The first thing that can be changed is the color scheme. This will establish what you select in all other areas. Special bathroom stickers can be used to personalize bathroom tiles. Stickers are large and quite inexpensive. Another idea is to thow out what you don't need to make room for acessories you want, such as candle supports and modern boards, which are not expensive. The site offers other articles, like budget bathroom makeovers, small bathroom design ideas on a budget, and updating a bathroom on a budget.

Clean a Sink Faucet
This article is about faucet care and maintenance. In a new home or when a replacement faucet is used for the first time, homeowners may notice flecks and particles in the water coming through the faucet. These are probably remnants of installation materials such as solder and copper chips, which can potentially cause a blockage and damage the faucet. Article recommends removing the tip of the faucet, known as the aerator, by unscrewing it, turning the handle(s) to a "full-on" position, and allowing the water to flush through the system for about two minutes. Then replace the aerator. Cleaning kitchen faucets is easily done using a damp cloth and mild soap, then drying with a soft cloth to retain luster and shine. Window cleaning products also work well, and for crevices, an old toothbrush can be a handy tool. Remember, you're not cleaning the hulls of a Navy ship; avoid harsh cleaners and abrasives that could damage your faucet's finish. With any cleaning product, be sure to read and follow recommended usage instructions. Removing deposits as well as minor maintenance tips are included.

30 Small and Functional Bathroom Design Ideas for Cozy Homes
This article at contains 20 bathroom design ideas that are very much suitable for narrow but cozy homes. Each idea, which comes with stunning photos, is great for small but very functional bathrooms. There are also some tips on how to maximize the space a small washing room, which includes using a pedestal sink instead of the vanity type. To enjoy some extra space, a tall sink is recommended as long as it matches with the overall style of the interior of the bathroom. For the tiles, it is being advised to choose the larger size as they tend to make the bathroom floor bigger.

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