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Resources for Better Lighting Design

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Hiring a Lighting Designer
Serious home decorators may want to look into hiring a light designer. This site gives information about what light designers do, why they are important to lighting décor, and how to hire a light designer. Lighting designers are suggested in order to evaluate your lighting budget, address maintenance issues, monitor lighting equipment installation and to utilize energy efficient lighting.

Lighting Sources and Suggestions
This site offers tips about light and color tips, as well as the four types of bulbs: incandescent, halogen, full-spectrum and fluorescent. Wall sconces, chandeliers and lamps are mentioned as lighting sources. Built-in lighting can be used to enhance artwork, and soft lighting and candlelight are also listed as decorative lighting sources. The article ends with information about how to use daylight to enhance a room, including which colors work with natural daylight.

Firelites Extend Your Outdoor Entertaining Season
Adding firelites to your backyard living space means that you can continue to enjoy the outdoors after summer ends. To give the space an autumn feel, add darker cushions and throws to your patio furniture. As finishing touches, add some candles and fruit to create an inviting space for yourself and your guests.

Using Interior Lighting to Enhance Specific Rooms in Your Home
Courtesy of, you'll get the latest insight from popular home design and improvement retailers on using and placing interior lighting fixtures to enhance your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and home office. Interior home lighting diagrams and plans accompany articles on how to bring more lighting into your home, how to install interior lighting fixtures, and how to use specialty lighting and lighting fixtures to add depth, drama and interest to a room. Past articles and resources include facts on buying ceiling fans and choosing the right light bulbs, along with creative ways for lighting awkward spaces like hallways and entryways. Details on what interior lighting is best for reading, for dressing tables, for closets and general bedroom lighting also has been featured, as well as the latest trends in kitchen lighting, including under cabinet lighting and halogen lighting.

Indoor Lighting from
This guide to fine living essentials offers tips, advice, and information on interior lighting and lighting design for the home. It covers interior lighting fixtures, recessed lighting, lighting for paintings and pictures, floor lighting, dimmers, filters, and diffusion lenses. This is an upscale lighting design and specialty lighting web page with a contemporary slant. Also included are links to other web pages for lighting design and architectural lighting.

Lighting ideas from
This portal provides some advice and tips for home interior lighting including information on chandeliers, recessed lighting, track lighting, and accent lighting. Tips on sconces, floor lamps, low-wattage fluorescent lighting and dimmers are available. In general, this site offers brief articles on advice for home lighting and tips for ambient lighting design.

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